Protest Michael Vick’s Television Show

The first time I heard that Michael Vick had a reality television show I honestly thought it was a sick joke.  Unfortunately, BET must have a love for sick jokes because they indeed are currently airing a show called “The Michael Vick Project”.  Now to be completely fair, I will admit right now that I have never seen this show nor have I seen any commercials relating to the promotion of it (the effects of not having cable, I guess).  However, I can easily say without having seen this show that it is absolutely disgusting that those at BET thought it a good idea to glorify a felon and animal cruelty.  What kind of message are they sending out to people?  “Hey, kids, it’s okay to torture and kill multiple living beings that were dependent upon you!  You will not only get your job back after a short stay in jail, but you will also get your own TV show!” 

I encourage you to read my post on the connection between animal cruelty and crimes against humans.  There is a very strong connection and it is our job as a society to end the cruelty to animals to not only save the lives of these helpless creatures that we as humans made helpless through domestication, but to also protect the lives of children and other individuals who would otherwise become targets of deranged individuals.  If a person is capable of inflicting pain upon a helpless creature, there is something seriously wrong with them mentally and they need to be removed from society immediately.  Promoting Vick as a good person will only serve to show children that murder and torture are okay.

Already we have cases of children abusing animals and running dog fighting rings, then telling the police they did it because they want to be “the next Michael Vick”.  Please join me in writing to BET and the corporate sponsors during Vick’s show telling them that we are not okay with glorifying criminals and sending the message to children that animal cruelty is not a bad thing.  Help me pressure them to end this horrific show.

Please contact BET and tell them what you think of the show:

Please contact the sponsors of the Michael Vick Reality Show and express your opposition to their financial support of the program. As a result of their advertising, Vick is profiting from a lucrative reality television contract while showing absolutely no remorse for the atrocious crimes he committed. This show is beyond wicked and evil and must be canceled immediately. Please also stop buying these companies’ products immediately (and make sure to mention you are doing this in your letter of complaint to them!) and ask your friends and family to do the same. 







5-Hour Energy







Overture Films


Bally Fitness






Broadview Security (formerly Brinks Security)

**For more information about Pitbulls and how they are actually amazing companions, please check out the great book by Karen Delise: The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression

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