The best way to find a good collar is to take your dog to the pet store and try collars on.  When you find one you like, take it off and start to tighten the collar.  Slide it over your dog’s head and then try to put your fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck.  You should only be able to comfortably fit two fingers in between the collar and your dog’s neck. This is the perfect fit for your dog!

If your dog is an escape artist when it comes to collars, I recommend the martingale collar.  This collar will tighten up when your dog pulls on the leash, but does not actually choke your dog.  It just keeps your dog from being able to slip out of the collar.  To fit the martingale, pull the d-ring (where you attach the leash) out and do the two finger test with the collar tightened all the way.  This way when your dog pulls and the collar tightens, it does not choke them.

When your dog is safely in the home, it is a good idea to take his/her collar off.  Dogs can get themselves into trouble and I have heard too many stories of dog’s choking themselves to death because their collar go caught on something in the house.

For cats:  I recommend the same fitting process (obviously you cannot take your cat to the pet store, so just make sure to pick one that is adjustable).  There are cat collars that have a release on them.  Basically, if you pull on the collar enough, it will snap open.  This is key for your cat (no matter how inactive you may think he is!) because you don’t want your cat getting caught on his collar for the same reason why I recommend taking your dog’s collar off when inside. 

Even if you have a collar on your pet and have their tags attached, I strongly urge you to also have your pet microchipped.  This is a simple, painless process for your pet and ensures that even if your pet loses their collar while lost, you will still be able to reunite with them.  Ask your vet or local shelter for more information!

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