The Tragedy of Sea World

It is so tragic what happened at Sea World yesterday. If you have not heard, a trainer was killed by one of their killer whales.

We have no right to imprison these animals in an environment in which we profit.  Would the world really suffer if there were no Circus, no Sea World, no Zoos?  You take an animal from a home where the boundaries are endless and place them in a tank to simply put on a show for you? How dare these places profit from a wild animal’s captivity.

 In the wild, whales swim hundreds of miles a day in the open ocean and they have complex family networks and specific ways of hunting.  In captivity, their natural instincts and ways of being are completely suppressed.  The same can be said for all the species of animals kept in captivity at zoos, circuses, aquariums, and places like Sea World. 

A family has lost a daughter, mother, sister.  This whale has been ruined by the selfishness of mankind.  But to keep it in an even smaller tank now as punishment for a natural action, is worse.  I’m sickened every day by the shallowness of those who take their children to see what is really nothing less than a disgusting freak show.  Honestly, the best thing they can do now is release Tillikum back into the wild (heck, they should shut down Sea World and release all their animals back into their natural habitats).

If you wish to have a day out with your children and enjoy nature, visit a local park or volunteer at the local animal shelter.  Say no to zoos, circuses, aquariums, and Sea World!

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