Oh, little man. Gizmo passed away this morning with his sister, Penny, and Mom and Dad by his side. When we came back from Mexico for Lucas and Petra’s wedding, I went to work at the Wisconsin Humane Society and found this adorable terrier/chihuahua mix on the adoption floor. I called Dad and he came in to meet the little man – when Dad sat down on the floor, Gizmo crawled into his lap and settled in. He had found his person.

We did an out and about and he never went back.

The beginning wasn’t easy! Earning the nickname El Diablo, Gizmo was known for running away from the house every chance he got, and biting everyone (except for Mom!). He even bit Loki, his favorite cat friend, for sniffing at his food. But a few months of love and letting his neuter surgery do it’s work, and Gizmo became the happy, loving Schmo we all know and love.

Gizmo turned out to love cats, Loki especially, and babies. We also learned he knew some Spanish and must have lived in a Spanish speaking household before he was found as a street dog. He had street smarts (unlike his sister, Penny) and would be found under cars or in the shade when hanging out outside.

He was the protector of the home – sounding the alarm at ANY noise, especially when Dad was away and Mom needed protecting. ANY. Noise. Even ones that we couldn’t hear. He also loved to snuggle, and would tell you when it was bed time.

Gizmo was the best little buddy. My heart is breaking that I won’t get to snuggle up with him again. I last saw him in Chicago when Mom and Dad drove down to see my rehearsal for Geek Bowl. Gizmo and Penny hung out in the car, but we did get to walk around a little bit at Navy Pier.

The greatest Chihuahua I have ever known. I love you and will miss you so dearly, Gizmo. Say hi to Loki and Monty for me. ❤

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