Stop Releasing Balloons

Balloons do not go to heaven. They land in the ocean and choke sea turtles, and the ribbons entangle birds.  Many times, they end up on a beach as litter.  Even the “biodegradable” kind can hurt animals before they have a chance to disappear.  Animals far from the ocean, such as horses, have been hurt and killed by balloons (they eat them when they land in their hay or they get spooked and bolt).
Some balloons have started fires when they got entangled in power lines.  Balloons blow.  Don’t let them go!  Please share.  Also, remember sky lanterns also are horrible for the environment.  They have set homes, power lines, trees, and buildings on fire.  Sky lanterns can also entangle an animal even if it is marketed as “biodegradable.” There are many safe alternatives to releasing litter into the air, such as planting a tree for your loved one and watching it bloom, or blowing bubbles into the air.
Thanks for looking into alternatives to releasing balloons and sky lanterns into the air.  The animals and environment thank you!  🙂

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