Returning to the Website

It has been over a year and a half since I’ve written for my website.  A lot has happened:  My beloved Monty passed away (the reason for me to stop writing), I started a job as executive director of Canyon Concert Ballet, I traveled to five countries in Europe, adopted a terrier mix named Navi, grieved as my precious kitty Calliope passed away, and most recently I’ve adopted a cat named Mielikki.

The loss of Montague and then Calliope pushed me away from the website while I grieved the loss of these two beautiful, loving, wonderful companions.  They will forever be missed and remembered, and it is my hope to write a post for each of them in their memory and honor.

I hope to start writing again… my heart is still heavy and I think of my missing fur babies every single day. But I want to carry on with talking about animal welfare issues, and other issues I am passionate about.

Thank you for your patience while I took this sabbatical.  I look forward to writing again!

3 responses to “Returning to the Website

  1. I understand.
    Monty (the shredder) will always be in my heart & I think of him quite often.
    It broke my heart to learn he was gone. Still hurts.
    Glad to see your back after your journeys.
    On Monday I hit a little hole in the wall for lunch & there was a banner on their outside patio for weekly meet-ups of GEEKS THAT DRINK. Thought of you & Montague. (Ironic)

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