Hurricane Harvey and How To Help

Like you, I have been haunted by the news and images that have been coming out of Texas this past week. I used to live in Austin, TX, and have many friends who are in that area, including Houston. Luckily, all my friends and coworkers are safe although some are still without power, have lost safe running water, and are still stuck while the flooded waters work their way out of the area.

It may seem out of our individual, or even collective, power to do something about this devastation. But we can do something. I ask each of you to join me in supporting a cause or multiple causes that are on the ground, helping those who are facing loss. The aftermath of this destruction will take months, if not years, to recover from. So let’s show Texas our love and support.  We can make a difference, we can help, so let’s do it.

Here are a few charities that I know are on the ground, doing great work right now in Texas. Definitely feel free to research and find your own causes if none of these speak to you. Just make sure they are truly a 501c3 nonprofit organization (you can check if that is true here) and ask them/look into what they are doing with donations/what they are doing to help. Unfortunately there are a few outliers who are horribly taking advantage of this situation, so always do due diligence before making your donation!

Austin Pets Alive
Best Friends Animal Society
Houston Flood Relief Fund (JJ Watt’s Foundation)

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