Monty Update – April 12

Monty had his final check up at the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center this morning:  He is healing well, and cleared to eat and play however he wants again!!!  WOOT!!!  He has been pouting and  sulking a lot the last week, wanting his toys and to play catch.  So I am super happy to learn we can get back into our

THANK YOU to all of you who have support me and Monty through this crazy journey of battling cancer.  Your kind words, positive vibes, prayers, and generosity have helped more than I can ever express.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!

3 responses to “Monty Update – April 12

  1. Hi, I’m so glad to hear your Monty is cancer free!!!!

    I also want to let you know how helpful this blog has been. I just got the diagnosis on my 3yo Aussie 3 days ago and have been devastated. I finally decided to look up what I am dealing with, and your info has been inspiring and helpful and I’m nearly as scared. I also live in CO, so will be using Flint Animal Care Center. I didn’t even know the name until I saw your updates, I only knew it was CSU animal cancer center. My vet is currently waiting for a consultation from them to see how we will proceed. Don’t get me wrong I’m still terrified, but I think if I stay positive, we can come through this!!

    So, thank you and congratulations to you and Monty. He is still beautiful! I loved you idea of doing a photo shoot before the surgery!! ❤ I will keep you updated on our progress if you want.

    • Hello Jenni,
      I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. But you are definitely going to the right place with CSU’s Flint Animal Cancer Center! Aren’t we luck to be so close to such an amazing place?

      Make sure to ask a lot of questions, and do as much googling/research as you can. Remember, it’s not a death sentence to learn your pup has cancer, it’s just a knowledge tool to help you best fight it and beat it. It’s okay to be scared and sad, but don’t let your Aussie see it – he is depending on you to be strong! Good luck and definitely keep me updated if you’d like. I’m sending you positive vibes everything is successful in getting your pup into remission. ❤

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