Fur in Fashion

Don’t worry!  I am not going to share any photos of the grotesque practices of how fur is obtained, because it is absolutely horrifying and disgusting.  Below is just a photo of a farm with the animals still alive at the time; before they are killed and skinned to become an ornament to an outfit or a coat.


Honestly, it still shocks me that the fur industry exists.  The only reason I felt compelled to speak about it is a friend and colleague recently posted on social media that she was planning on buying a fox fur stole.  I was shocked and beyond disappointed to see someone of my generation think that fur is a fashionable thing.

It isn’t.  And neither is fake fur (it usually isn’t fake, anyways), leather, feathers, or anything else that requires something to die for you to acquire it.  Plus, one item does not equal  one death.  It means many.  According to the Compassionate Clothing Coalition, eighteen red foxes are killed to make one fox fur coat while fifty-five minks are killed to make one mink fur coat.

That is not acceptable.  The millions of animals in fur farms, whose entire life is living in cages until they are electrocuted, killed, and skinned, is depressing and unnecessary.  Please join me in making the life choice to never buy or support any products that require an animal to die for it to exist.  Also, consider avoiding the fake versions as well, since the fake versions could very well be real without you knowing it AND the fake versions still promote the concept of fur in fashion as “cool”.

Let’s make animal products uncool and work towards getting fur (and all other animal products) out of the fashion industry, out of the norm, and make it taboo to wear the skin of dead animals.

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