Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Monty!

10 years ago, a 22 year old who had less than $500 to her name and had moved back in with her parents after graduating college adopted an under-socialized, emaciated border collie puppy who had scabies.  It was the beginning of the greatest relationship I have ever had.  Together, Montague “The Moose” Riedi and I have lived in three states, traveled over 10,000 miles, hiked/walked countless miles… Monty has supported me through dozens of breakups, snuggled up through several surgery recoveries and many illnesses, celebrated new jobs, and has shared endless adventures from a road trip to the pacific ocean to exploring new trails.

I have shared almost a third of my life with this amazing, energetic, quirky dog.  Thanks for being my pup, Sir Monty, and here’s to many more years to come!

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