Wildlife and Your Pets

Earlier this month, I received the terrifying news that both of my parent’s dogs (a chihuahua terrier mix, Gizmo, and a cavalier king charles spaniel, Penny) were attacked by a coyote in the front yard of my parent’s house.   Luckily, they are both okay and recovering from their bite wounds on their heads and necks, but it definitely could have ended much worse.  It’s a reminder that while our pets did at one point live in the wild, they are now domesticated and rely on us to help them survive.

In day to day life, we often forget the real dangers of wildlife for our pets.  From attacks from predators, like the coyote, to diseases that wildlife can spread (rabies, scabies, and everything in between), to the ever annoying skunk or porcupine attacks, nature is not always a fan of your pet.

Be aware and be safe when outside with your furry pals.  Being on leash during walks ensures you know where they are at all times.  Never let your pets outside without you being there with them.  Even in a fenced yard at your own house, a coyote can jump that fence, or a smaller animal can come through a crack or hole in the fence.  And, please, never let your pets be an “indoor-outdoor” or flat out “outdoor only” pet.  There are too many dangers beyond just predators that will lead to your fur baby not having the lifespan he should have.

Be safe out there!

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