Celebrating Calliope’s Birthday

In May, we had a large celebration in the Riedi household to celebrate our little goofball, Calliope.

To quote the American Humane Association, “We can’t predict the life expectancy of an infected cat, but unfortunately, most will succumb to a feline leukemia-related disease within two or three years after becoming infected.”  Other studies I had read in preparation for adopting Calliope told me the vast majority of cats born with FeLV do not make it past two years old.  So image my surprise and excitement when bunny-cat, Calliope, reached her second birthday!

So a celebration was in order.

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We are now two months past her birthday, and each day is just another celebration of having this little furball alive and well in my life.  I know that any day could be the day when things turn, so we focus on enjoying these amazing days that we do have.  Here’s to many more days, weeks, months, and maybe even years with Calliope!

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