Finding Dory (But Not Keeping Her)

It’s one of the tragic downsides to making movies that feature a specific type of animal.  After 101 Dalmatians, the demand for dalmatian puppies when through the roof.  And never mind that they are not necessarily the best family pet due to their energy levels, kids wanted them and parents got them.  So naturally, shelters saw a huge increase in dalmatians in their kennels as families realized their new pet was not a great fit.  After Finding Nemo, fish stores saw a demand that was difficult to meet for the clownfish, as every kid wanted their own Nemo and all those parents were happy to oblige.  This not only led to hundreds of thousands of dead clownfish, but also some severe damage to the reefs around the world.

So this time around, help stop the mass demand for “Dory’s” as this will only result in massive damage to the reefs, and threaten the Blue Tang population.  Let us all enjoy the film, but teach our youth that taking home a living representation of the movie is not necessary or acceptable.

2016-06-27 22.34.38

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