Happy New Year’s! (And Keep Your Pets Safe!)

new year dogAnother year is drawing to a close, and in just a few hours millions of people will be celebrating in their own way the beginning of a new year (woohoo, 2016!!).  Some have a night out on the town, some watch fireworks in their cities/towns, some cuddle up with their loved ones and stay in (sign me up)… there are countless ways to celebrate.

No matter how you celebrate, if you have furry or feathered loved ones in your home (you know the ones, they love you unconditionally and you feed them… it’s really the perfect relationship), please keep their safety and sanity in mind tonight and throughout the rest of the weekend.  Fireworks going off, having strangers in their home, and all that edible (or not so edible) confetti and food on the floor all pose dangers for your pets.

So!  Here are a few ways to keep your fur babies safe this New Year’s:

  • Make sure your pet’s ids are all up to date in case they get out.  Doesn’t help to have a microchip or collar with tags if the contact info is not accurate!
  • Exercise your pets.  A tired dog is a happy dog (and owner), and also helps them be less stressed out when things get a little hectic.
  • KEEP THEM INSIDE.  This one is vital.  One boom of a firework and your dog could bolt clear over your nice fence and down the street far enough to get lost.  Shelters flood with lost animals every New Year’s, so make sure your babies are safely inside where they cannot run away.
  • Find them a quiet space away from the hubbub.  Whether you’re having a party or just a few friends over, it can be a lot for your pets to process and handle.  Make them a quiet, comfortable space with some white noise (back bedroom with some Mozart, perhaps?  Or Schubert, I don’t judge!).   Give them their favorite toy and some treats to keep them content while you party in the living room!
  • No human food or access to the new fun stuff laying around.  It’s easy to want to share in the delicious dishes you prepare, but that will only lead to upset stomachs and possibly some major accidents in the house.  It is also good to remember that the vast majority of human foods are poisonous or at the very least, an allergen, to your pets.  And don’t forget, all that new stuff in the house (party hats, confetti, etc) will be pretty interesting to them so keep that away as well!

2016 promises to be a year with many changes and challenges for us all.  I wish you the brightest of New Year’s and a happy, healthy, enlightening 2016!

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