The Joys of Halloween


This Halloween was a busy time for me and I was able to wear four different costumes at six different events.  This is actually the first Halloween as an adult (out of college), where I got into things.  I put together costumes, went out with friends, carved pumpkins… I’m not sure what has changed from this year compared to previous years, but it was actually quite wonderful to partake in so much this year.

Daeny As Keyboard Cat, I joined forces with some amazing friends and went bowling for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue fund raiser.  We didn’t win any of the costume contests, but we were all the famous kitten memes and it was hilarious.

As Miss Frizzle, I handed out goodie bags at the Wellington Trick or Treat Down Main Street event and hosted a costume quiz for Geeks Who Drink.

As Daenerys Targaryen, I attend the Boys & Girls Clubs annual costume staff meeting and participated in the Phantom 5k with my dragon, Monty.

SadnessAnd then as Sadness from Inside Out, I went out with friends to enjoy the evening Saturday night.


I will be traveling through Iceland this coming week, so stay tuned for a post (or posts!) on my travels!  This is my first solo international trip and I am equal parts excited and nervous – wish me luck!Calliope

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