Charity Profile: Tapestry Singers


  • To encourage all women, regardless of race, color, sexual identity, or vocal confidence to explore their singing abilities, realizing that many of us were initially afraid that we could not sing.
  • To gain through mutual support the skills that are required to perform confidently and successfully.
  • To bring the joy and healing that comes with singing.
  • To sing songs by, for, or about women and songs that offer a vision of a just and peaceful world.
  • To entertain and inspire a larger community by performing our music.
It's a fun game - find Jenna!

It’s a fun game – find Jenna!

Okay, confession time… I have been a choir singer for over 17 years.  An alto (and in a few instances, a tenor), actually.  I was in the school choirs starting when I was 12, went to choir camp all through middle school and high school, was in an elite choir in college and now I’m a proud member of Tapestry Singers here in Austin, TX.  This choir is the most uplifting, supporting, amazing group of talented women from all walks of life.  The power of music truly improves lives and that can be seen each week at rehearsal as well as at the numerous concerts performed each year.  Not only am I a member of this nonprofit, but I am their newly elected Funds Development Director on the board as well.  The next year will be a learning experience as I have not been on a board in a few years, but I look forward to putting my education and experience to work for Tapestry.  I invite you to learn more about Tapestry Singers and, if you are in the area, come to a concert and say “Hi”!

Website, donation page, and awesome upcoming event here in Austin!

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