Charity Profile: House of Blue Hope Foundation

****I work/volunteer for several amazing nonprofit organizations so the next few weeks I will be highlighting them and invite you to visit their websites to learn more!****

Mission:  The overall mission of Blue Hope is to raise funds, resources, social awareness, and provide other support for a variety of self-sustaining social development projects and programs, both domestically and abroad, in order to effectively fight social injustice at a grass-roots level. As of its founding, Blue Hope is primarily focusing on working with education, poverty, and children’s issues in Tanzania, East Africa and has done so by constructing and supporting a residential and educational facility and its outreach program.

Me and JamesHouse of Blue Hope is a small, but very impactful, nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart.  They currently operate a home in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania where street children can live and support these kids on all levels so they can succeed in school.  I have been a volunteer and then a consultant for them since 2008 and was able to visit the House and meet the kids in 2009.  In a country where less than 15% of the population completes highschool, having an education is a true weapon to fight poverty and bring change not just for individual lives and families, but whole communities.  House of Blue Hope understands this and invests in the street children of Mabibo, a slum in Dar es Salaam, and these boys receive everything they need to be successful in school to have bright futures.  I love these kids and their thirst for knowledge, and am in regular contact with several of them.  One day I will return to visit them again and I look forward to hearing their stories of college and careers. 🙂

Website  (which I designed!) and  Donation Page

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