Help The Animals During the Pandemic

It is a crazy time, and I hope everyone is checking in with their friends and family so we can all feel connected during this isolating time.  A lot of people and businesses are going to suffer due to this pandemic, especially nonprofits, and especially animal welfare organizations.  While an outbreak of a new disease is occurring, people are panicking and leaving their animals at shelters… and the number of adoptions is going down (or is down to zero because the shelters are having to close).  This equals shelters being overrun with homeless animals.

There are several ways you can help, though!  Reach out to your local animal shelter and see how you can help them.  Want a quarantine friend for life?  Adopt!  Looking for a short term quarantine friend?  Foster!  Love animals, but can’t take one in right now?  Donate!  Animal shelters all over the world are hurting right now, and that means animals are going to be hurting, too.  Please, adopt, foster, donate… help however you can!

And do know, there is no proof that animals can transmit the virus to humans.  You can keep your pets and everyone will be safe.  And you can bring in new pets… you will all still be safe!  More information about that here from the CSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

Please help if you can.  And be safe – stay away from large groups, don’t go out if you really don’t have to.  And do check in on your friends and family, and those around you who may be at a greater risk.  We all need to step up and help each other to make sure the best outcome happens.

Go get a foster to snuggle with during all this, and cheers, friends.

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