Foster Kittens Available For Adoption

It is kitten season, so of course that means I am fostering kittens for the Fort Collins Cat Rescue!  The five kittens who have spent the last five weeks in my spare bedroom are now available for adoption, so help me spread the word about these cuties so they can find their forever homes soon!

If you were thinking about adding a new family member to your clan, now is the time as the shelters across the country are filling up with cats and kittens due to the summer weather (and most have more dogs and puppies, too!).  It’s that time of year for most shelters across the nation, so help out however you can – adopt if you are looking, foster if you have the time and room, volunteer if you have the time, and/or donate if you have the means.  Every little bit helps during the summer months while shelters are bursting at the seems.

And while the kittens are all now available for adoption, the momma cat, named Ellaria, is not yet available.  She is FIV+ and requires a dental before she will be up for adoption – but start spreading the word!  She is the sweetest cat I have ever known.  More on her when she is available for adoption.

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