The Dog Days of Summer

17554545_10106559591962007_3354303053140205942_nSummer is a great time for vacations, adventures, and long walks with your pups.  It’s warmer out, there is more daylight, and it just feels right to be outside.  Having your pup be part of these outdoor adventures is a great idea, but it’s always good to keep in mind some precautions while out and about.

Yard chemicals are unfortunately a real thing many of your neighbors probably use.  You have most likely noticed the little warning flags sticking out of the corners of their yards, and those flags are warning you to keep your children off the lawn.  That also applies for your dogs!  Their feet will pick up those chemicals, and that not only gets into their systems which can cause some major health issues, but they will also track those chemicals back into your home.  I try my best to avoid letting my pup walk on anyone’s yard since not everyone even displays those little warning flags and I would invite you to do the same to help keep them safe!

The hot sun means the pavement on roads and sidewalks are hot, too.  Place your hand on the ground you plan to walk on – if it’s too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your pup’s paws.  Consider booties for their feet or try to find grass to walk on instead!

Wildlife is out and about too, so make sure to keep your dogs on leash unless in a designated off-leash area to keep them under control and away from getting into a scuffle or a bite.

Keeping cool is also important.  Don’t forget that your pup cannot sweat, so they can overheat easily.  Have lots of water handy, and try to take advantage of shade when you can.  Always be aware of your pet’s well-being during your adventures, and don’t push them too much in this summer heat!

Have fun on your summer adventures!  As for us, Montague and I plan to attempt a 14er here in Colorado next week in celebration of his 11th birthday.  We’ll pack tons of water, take our time, and also have some snacks along the way to keep ourselves safe.  Wish us luck!

Happy summer and enjoy the adventures!

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