Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Make sure you are being safe with the decorations and especially the food around your pets!  A lot of the traditional foods at the Thanksgiving table are not so great for your pups and cats.  Explain to your guests (especially the kiddos!) that the pets are not to receive any table scraps from them.  The worst thing to share with your pets are parts of the turkey that has bone in it, so be very careful with that wishbone!  And if you do want to include Fido in the festivities, a little pumpkin (straight pumpkin, not the pie which has cinnamon and nutmeg – both are poisonous) or some raw carrots or broccoli will do the safe trick for them!

And don’t forget that your pets might not be as excited to hang out with the extended family as you are.  Provide a safe place for them to retreat to if they are nervous or anxious with company.  If you already know your pet does not do well with large groups, be proactive and set them up in a separate room with some fun toys and soft music.  It can be very stressful for some pets to have all that commotion in the house!

I wish you a safe, fun, and festive Thanksgiving and good luck to all the shoppers out there!


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