Pet Safety Tips For Halloween

Halloween is a super fun holiday – what’s not to love with candy and costumes galore?  But it’s typically not a super fun holiday for your pets.  Most of that candy can hurt them, people in costumes are terrifying to them, and costumes on themselves can be painful.  Make sure you are being safe this Halloween for your four-legged pals!

Trick or Treaters:  I promise you, no matter how awesome your pets are with strangers, trick or treating is going to freak them out to some degree.  They could spook and run out the door, bite a kid that scared them, or scare the kids by barking/protecting the home.  It’s best to put your pets in another room, as far away from the front door as possible and play some music to drown out the noise of the festivities.

Candy:  Candy is an awesome perk for Halloween, but pretty much all candy is poisonous to some degree for your pets, most notably anything with chocolate, nuts, or gum.  Make sure the candy you stocked up on is safely away from where you pets can get.  A real Halloween fright is rushing your pet to the emergency vet to get their stomachs pumped.

Pet Costumes:  Costumes for your pets are always fun – how adorable do they look, right?!  However, please make sure the costume actually fits them and does not restrict them in anyway.  Check for tightness, especially around the neck, and make sure they can still see and comfortably move.  It’s not cool to hurt your little pal just for some cute pictures.

Have fun this Halloween, and feel free to share pictures of your little ones in the comments – I would love to see them!  I’ll make sure to share pics, too!

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