Save the World: Use a Condom

It may seem odd, and a little impertinent, but the truth is we have overpopulated our habitat. The earth has over 7 billion humans inhabiting it, and I would venture to say that’s a few too many million (and probably billion) than she is meant to handle.

We are depleting resources and abusing our home to the point of no return. We are honestly behaving like a virus, destroying nature as fast as we can. But it truly does not have to be that way. Beyond the usual things you’ve certainly heard (and should most definitely do) on recycling, renewable energy, conserving water, etc, etc, there is another solution you may not have heard.

Don’t have children.

For real, though. Think about it. We have all been taught since we can remember that part of our success as a species is replacing ourselves. The whole “two kids, a dog, and a white picket fence” thing. But think about it. We are over populated as it is. Replacing yourself and your partner is too much. In most cases, having just one kid is probably too much. We all need to stop having so many kids so that our overall population can slowly, naturally, get back down to where it should be. Where the earth can handle us.

So, if you want to help our planet in a simple, expense saving way (seriously, think of all those awesome benefits of NOT having kids: save money, more time for you to pursue your dreams, travel, change careers/take risks without having to worry about providing for little ones… the list goes on quite a ways), consider using some birth control. And if it strikes you that you must have children in your life, please consider adopting a child in need of a home before making a new one. The earth thanks you. 😉

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