Summer Overcrowding at Shelters

Summer is a tough time of year for shelters across the country. Unaltered dogs and cats are having their puppies and kittens in droves, the summer celebrations and holidays spook many pets into running away from the yard and getting lost, and summer storms also spook pets into becoming strays.


To avoid losing your pet, first and foremost, keep them inside where they are safe – especially during the holidays and storms. When outside, make sure you are keeping an eye on them, even if you have a fence. You’d be surprised how quickly and easily a scared dog can scale a fence.

Secondly, make sure your pet is microchipped and, once they are, that the information attached to the mircochip is current. This is the easiest way to be reunited with your pet! And if your pet does go missing, make sure to report it to your local shelters and rescue groups, and stop by on a regular basis (at least every three days) to walk through their stray holds and see if your friend has shown up. It also helps to put posters with clear photos of your pet around your neighborhood and surrounding areas.


Now is the PERFECT time to adopt!!! If you have been thinking of adding a new member to your family, summer is the perfect time to adopt from your local shelter or rescue group. Since they are bursting at the seams with unclaimed strays and puppies/kittens and their parents, you will have a great selection and usual a good deal for the adoption fee because many shelters run specials to help get those animals adopted.


With shelters at capacity and nonprofit involvement from the community at all time lows in summer, your shelter/rescue group needs YOU! Consider a donation, volunteering, fostering, or all three. It is extremely rewarding to help companion animals and the shelters that care for them. Plus not only will the human staff be eternally grateful for your help, so will those four, three, two, one, and no legged pets. 🙂

Be safe and Happy Summer!

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