It’s Turtle Nesting Season!

Nesting Blanding's Turtle

Nesting Blanding’s Turtle

Yes, it is nesting season for turtles everywhere in the country, so you will probably spot a few out of water walking around this month.  Don’t fret, they are just looking for a good spot to lay their eggs and will head back to water right after the job is done.  But if you do see a turtle on or near a roadway (or near any other kind of danger), please help them!

Most turtles look like rocks from a car on the road and many get killed trying to cross. If you do see a turtle near a roadway, simply pick them up by the back of their upper shell (avoid the front or upper sides, their necks are long and they can bite!) and move them off the side of the road that has the water.

If you see a turtle nesting (laying her eggs), leave her be!  If you get too close and scare her, she will abandon the nest which does not bode well for her eggs.  Consider standing guard for her if she is in a high-traffic area, just make sure to give her several yards of space so she doesn’t spook.

If you aren’t sure what to do or are worried the turtle you’ve found is hurt in anyway, call the local wildlife rescue and they will be able to help talk you through it or come get her.

Happy Nesting Season!


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