Just Say No To Retractable Leashes

Too many times I have seen a dog on a retractable leash, just barely avoiding a catastrophe.  It baffles my mind these are still produced and that people are still able to purchase them.

– It teaches them to pull.  Since their leash changes length all the time and sometimes doesn’t have a set length at all, they learn to pull when walking on a leash.

– You lose control.  When your dog can get that far away from you in situations where they are supposed to be on leash, it can lead to some serious problems.  The most gruesome dog attack I ever saw was a small breed dog on the retractable leash was attacked by another, much larger dog.  The owner was so far away, she couldn’t pull the leash to get the dog away or help.  I’ve also seen dogs almost get hit by cars countless times since they can easily hop into the road from the sidewalk.

– It can hurt others.  Having a leash that long and cord-like can cause a lot of pain for others.  Nothing like a dog getting excited, running around, and an innocent bystander gets serious rope burn from the leash wrapping up on them.

Please avoid these leashes!!  If you see someone looking at one at the store, please speak up!  They are not safe, and encourage poor behaviors in your pup.  Get a standard six foot leash and enjoy those walks!

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