A Simple Way Shelters Can Save More Lives

There are actually many ways a shelter can be innovative and increase their live outcome rate, despite being an open intake shelter.  But one that is quite simple:  hours open to the public.

It is probably the first thing I look for when checking out a shelter’s website – their hours.  This is usually my first indicator to whether the shelter leadership is progressive or if they are outdated in their practices.  Are they open late on weekdays?  Are they open both weekend days?  Are they open most major holidays?  THESE hours are when people are off of work and able to look for a new companion animal.  A shelter that is closed on weekends, holidays, and close by 6pm on weekdays are making it difficult for families to meet and adopt the animals.

Being open when people are off of work helps increase adoptions; increasing the live outcome rate and decreasing the length of stay.  It also gives the animals more socialization time and volunteers more opportunities to give back.

Check your local shelter’s hours.  If they are closed more than they are open, reach out and encourage them to change their hours to be more friendly for the public and for the animals.

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