The Status of No Kill in Austin

It has come to light that the City of Austin is no longer allowing Austin Pets Alive! (APA) to pull animals into their facility at the Town Lake Animal Center (TLAC) and only allowing APA to take dogs if they are going into foster.  Many supporters of APA are up in arms as they fear this new policy will endanger the no-kill status of Austin and kill animals that do not need to die.

While I’m really concerned about the welfare of the animals in Austin as well, I can see where the city is coming from on this decision (and see why the pressure is there to stop sending animals to TLAC).  As an outsider now, I have seen four news stories in the last six weeks that covered facilities issues at TLAC: the facility failed inspection, heat didn’t work during a cold spell, it floods when it rains, and fires in the laundry area. Four incidents showing TLAC as an unsafe facility in that short amount of time is incredibly concerning.  Hopefully APA can get some capital money to improve TLAC and have it pass inspection/avoid the news catching these stories of facility issues and get the city on back on board with TLAC being a safe place to house animals.

Until then, PLEASE consider adopting from the Austin Animal Center, fostering for Austin Pets Alive!, and spreading the word for adoption/fostering to everyone you know in Central Texas so we can keep these animals safe and get them in loving homes.

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