Grandma Alice Loper

Wedding 024We believe I was the last person to talk to my Grandmother when I called her on Black Friday – my first phone call on my new phone.  She was decorating her place for Christmas and was excited about the holidays.  She was found on Sunday unresponsive in her chair of her den.  We eventually learned she had a massive stroke and was then transferred from ICU to hospice.  I felt beyond hopeless and lost.  She passed this past Sunday.

I try to take comfort in knowing I was able to sing for her one final time when we phoned in my choir concert this past Saturday, even though she probably couldn’t hear me, I want to believe she could.  And while my heart hurts as I mourn the loss of my last grandparent, I am truly grieved as I witness my mother – my best friend – lose her best friend.  The pain is agonizing and I am at a loss for how to cope.

My grandmother was an awesome, strong, smart lady.  I will miss our Sunday afternoon chats while I walked Monty and we discussed the Packers, the weather, and the latest movie she saw on Netflix.  I will miss the many thoughtful cards she sent to me for every holiday, always sent with love and support.  will miss her total and complete support of my career and hobbies.  She was my biggest fan in all my singing endeavors, even before I was actually worth listening to.  She always praised and supported my choice to work in nonprofits, making small donations to my causes and sending her love when things got stressful.

Childhood memories of playing in her yard with the huge, gorgeous pine trees.  Watching Heidi in the den and drinking ovaltine Mom, Grandma, Meout of her brown plastic mugs.  Going up north to her cabin at Two Rivers.  The massive bumper sticker collection on her garage wall.  Playing chinese checkers and lincoln logs.  Her collections of bears, dolls, pewter figurines.  Flying in from CA to surprise her for the big 8-0.  Her love of good food and our dinner/movie dates.  Going to the library together to pick out a great read.  Her love of being outside, sunflowers, rocks, and watching birds in her yard.

She is the only grandparent I got to know as an adult, she was there at my high school, college, and graduate school graduations.  But I wish I could have done more with my life before she went so she could see I was doing something good with my life.  I will get there, Grandma.  And you will live on in my heart – Love You forever.

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  1. You captured your relationship with grandma so well with your words. I believe that she is supporting you still…. with her unconditional love

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