Halloween with Your Pets

Where is WaldoAnother Halloween is upon us and as always, we want to include our pets in the celebration!  Here are a few tips on keeping safe with your fur kids while still having an awesome time:

  • Be careful with pet costumes.  Costumes are fun, but make sure they don’t restrict your pet in any way.  They should still be able to walk, go to the bathroom, eat and drink when they are dressed up.  Also make sure it is not too tight on any part of their body.
  • Keep your pet secure.  Trick or Treaters are always a treat to have at your door, but Fido may not agree!  It is best to have your pets safely secured away from the door, maybe in a separate room with music playing so they will not hear the knocking and can chew their bone in peace!
  • Keep your pets inside.  While it is extremely rare for anyone to want to harm your animals, that possibility along with the chance they may get scared and try to escape are two great reasons to bring your pets into the house while the celebrations are happening.
  • Be safe with all that candy!  A lot of those sweets are extremely harmful for your pets, so once your kiddos come back with all their loot, safely secure that candy where the pets cannot get to it.  Also be sure your kids understand that their candy should be kept away and not given as a treat to their fur friends.

With just these few easy things to take care of, you will ensure a fabulous and fun time for the whole family.  Happy Halloween, everyone!

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