Foster Tails: Lucy Update

LucyAfter several tests and vet visits, we believe we know what is happening inside this beautiful little lady.  She has a very powerful UTI, a high white blood cell count, pancreatitis, ibs (irritable bowel syndrome), and early kidney disease.   We are currently treating her for the UTI and ibs, and soon I will also be giving her daily fluids for her kidneys.  The UTI is really taking its toll on poor Lucy and she is no longer being herself.  The once social and affectionate girl is now hiding in the closet and not a huge fan of me at the moment (it’s probably not helping that I’m pilling her, either).  But I have high hopes that once we get rid of her UTI, she will be a happy kitty again.  Please keep her in your thoughts and I will update again once she is through her current series of drugs.

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