Happy Heart

Life in general is such a roller-coaster.  Each month, year, and decade has its ups and downs.  With some serious “downs” that have happened in my life, I have luckily learned to truly appreciate the “ups” when they happen.  This past weekend was one of the best ups I have had this year… I am incredibly exhausted, and sore, and so very happy; basking in the glow of an amazing experience spent with beautiful people.  I am fairly certain none of them will ever see this, but I feel compelled to put it out into the universe (and let NSA know, too.  Ha!).

From the kick-ass members of Austin Motorcycle Riders Group who made me feel so safe and welcome at the ROT Rally (these people ROCKED my world!), to my awesome sitter who helps care for my babies, to the wonderful ladies at Zoom Room who accommodate my crazy schedule, and the beautiful women of my choir who give me something to look forward to each Sunday night (trivia!).  And, of course, the rock star who let me hop on the back of his bike and join the revelry of the weekend and is the perfect person to both party hard and chill with.  (and I should also put a shout out to Vince Neil and Twisted Sister for such an incredible show – those men still look and sound damn good!)

The memories created during these amazing, wonderful “ups” are what get me through the less than amazing times.  Life is never easy, and we all have our own demons to battle, but my ammo is the pure joy my heart feels from moments like this past weekend.  THANK YOU to all those who made it so remarkable.

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