You Are Not Good Enough

“How long should you try?  Until.”  ~Jim Rohn

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You are not good enough.  I have literally heard this, in one form or another, in all aspects of my life.  And lately, I have been hearing it with much greater frequency.  It stings and definitely messes with my personal and professional goals when it comes from someone I care about and respect.

So you would think this would deter me in my goals.  But it does quite the opposite.  Because I am a stubborn bitch.  I have that blind, raging stubbornness that drives me to prove others wrong.  A few times along the way, it has gotten me into trouble but overall it’s more than worth it in the end.

I’m not writing this for a pat on the back.  I’m saying it because we should all strive to push past the “you are not good enoughs” and use it as fuel for our fires.  I’m also writing this so I can read it from time to time when I need to be reminded to never give up.  If someone ever says that you aren’t good enough, prove them wrong.  It makes the successes that much sweeter.

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