Kringle and Talaya


Meet the parking lot strays!

My friend Wendy and I both separately picked up super sweet stray kitties the night of Wednesday, December 21 and saved them from the cold and rain by putting them in our warm and safe bathrooms. But now we need your help.  Neither of these kitties were microchipped, so they need a combo test (testing for FeLV and FIV), dewormer, revolution, fvrcp vaccine, rabies vaccine, microchips, and – most importantly – need to be spayed/neutered while we look for their real home and/or find them a new home.  Being employees of a nonprofit, both Wendy and I cannot afford the costs of all this, so we are looking to you for help!

Any extra money once all expenses have been paid will be donated to Emancipet for helping us get low cost care for Talaya and Kringle.  Thank you!


Donate Here!

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