Be Careful this 4th of July

One of the worst days of the year, if not the worst, for losing your dog is the Fourth of July.  Why?  One word:  fireworks.  The loud explosions and bright flashes scare many dogs when they are outside and in their panic, they will bolt out of their yard and get lost.  PLEASE take precaution and keep your pets inside during the festivities so they do not spook and run away.  Do not take your pet(s) to any firework viewings and definitely do not take your dog for a walk after dusk during the holiday weekend, as it is rather easy for a spooked dog to get away from you even if on leash.

And while I am on the subject of keeping your dog safe from running away, please talk to your vet as soon as you can about microchipping if your pets are not already microchipped.  Even for indoor-only cats, microchipping is an amazing way to ensure your best chance of finding your pet if they ever get lost.  Your pet’s already chipped?  Make sure the contact information is up to date on the account.

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

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