Why I Do It

It isn’t easy.   This is not the type of work for the faint of heart (or for those who like sleep).  Every day you will witness kindness that warms your heart and every day you will witness such cruelty and stupidity that you will wonder if the battle for compassion will ever be won.  Weeks will go by without a single thank you from another human, and sometimes it wears you down that no one sees the hours and energy you are pouring into your work.  But it is all worth it.  If I every doubt what I am doing, I just need to walk outside to where the dogs are in their runs, go into a kennel and sit down with the pup in it for a few minutes.  The affection shown by this amazing, appreciative creature is all I need to keep going.

Deep down in me, I feel it is my duty to protect those that need us, those who rely on us.  I am not doing this for fame or fortune.  I am not here because the hours are good or the benefits are amazing.  I am not doing this for some superiority complex of working in the nonprofit field.  I am doing this because it is what I am meant to do.  This is my calling.

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