Ebay Allowing Online Sales of Animals

Here is what E-Bay has to say about why they allow the Live Animal Classified Ads:  “Free online classified ads have made it easier for animal lovers to find their perfect pet from local households, rescue shelters, and breeders”

The fact that Craigslist and assorted other online venues doesn’t make it a good idea.  Online ads are a natural outlet for puppy millers, puppy brokers, and the worst sort of backyard breeders to market their wares with no safeguards for the animals themselves.  They may find well-intentioned buyers who don’t realize the risks of buying from these sources, or they may find careless buyers who could not pass the screening required by a responsible breeder or animal rescue group.  E-Bay claims to have safeguards in place, but there’s no way that they are checking out every seller, OR every buyer; they can’t.  Even if they wanted to, it would be completely impractical for them.

E-Bay stopped the sales of live animals through their auctions due to the objections of their users who care about animal welfare.  Maybe they thought their animal-loving users wouldn’t noticed the live animal sales in the classifieds sections, because those ads don’t come up when you’re searching the auctions for leashes, dog clothing, and toys.  I don’t know.  But they have been found out, and they need to realize that this is not acceptable.

Help me get the point across to E-Bay to shut down the sale of live animals on their site.  I have set up a petition on care2.com, which you can visit here, please take a moment and sign.  Thank you!

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