How to Cut Your Cat’s Nails

Cutting your cat’s nails is not as hard as it seems!  It just takes patience and tolerance.

If you have never cut your cat’s nails before, it is best to get him used to you touching his feet first.  So for a few seconds, a couple times a day just hold his paws in your hands.  Do this for a few days until he is tolerant of this.  Then step it up by gently squeezing his pads on his feet so his claws come out.  Do this for a few seconds a couple times a day for a few days until he completely tolerates that as well.

Now that your cat is used to you touching and squeezing his feet, you can start cutting his nails.  I recommend just doing one foot at a time with a good, long break in between as a cooling off period.  A cat’s nails are white with red running from the base, but not out into the tip.  This red is blood and nerves, so you do NOT want to cut into that!  Just cut off the white tip of the nail.

If your cat likes treats, it is always a good idea to reward him for a good job!  And remember, cat’s hate change/new things, so be patient!  It will take some time for him to adjust to this, but if you keep it positive and go slow he will be okay with it in no time!

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