How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Just like humans, dogs need their teeth brushed!  Here are some easy steps to dental care.

First, do not use human toothpaste for your dog.  This toothpaste was not designed for animals and could have bad side effects if used.  Your local pet store will have toothpaste made especially for your pet.  You can use a human toothbrush if you want, although at the pet store you can find a toothbrush that fits over your finger and then you just rub your finger on your dog’s teeth.  Depending on the dog, this may be a better option for you.

Like with most new things for your pet, I recommend taking things slow and gradually so they can get used to the idea of a brush in their mouth.  So start by just putting a little bit of toothpaste on the brush and letting your dog lick it off.  Next, put the brush into the side of their mouth and rub it a few times against their molars.  Since you are doing this as baby steps, make sure to praise your dog after each small thing she lets you do!

The first few times you brush your dog’s teeth, it will be very quick and probably not that productive in the area of actually cleaning the teeth-but that’s okay!  You are building up their trust in you and their tolerance of a brush in their mouth.  Eventually your dog will be okay with you completely brushing her teeth.

I recommend you do this at least once a week.  It is also a good idea to provide toys such as bones and rope chews that help rub off plaque buildup as well.

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