Save a Life Drive

In previous years, I sent out a fund raising plea every fall for Elmbrook Humane Society, but this year I am doing it for an even more worthy cause, Austin Pets Alive (APA)!  This organization is working to make the city of Austin a no kill city – where no companion animal is killed unless it is terminally ill and suffering or extremely dangerous to itself and others.  How they mainly do this is they have an agreement with the local municipal shelter.  This shelter, known as TLAC, will give APA it’s “kill list” the day before the animals are to be killed.  APA then comes in and pulls as many of these animals as it can!  Because of this, the kill rate of the entire city has gone from 50% to under 30% in just two years and is continuing to drop!

APA has recently moved into their first brick and mortar facility (yes, until a month ago, every animal pulled from TLAC went to a foster home – they have over 800 foster families!!) and with this new facility, they project to save an additional 1,000 animals more than the 3,000 already projected for the next year!  But to save these animals, they need the money to do it.  It takes $100 for APA to save an animal from TLAC.  They are now doing a Save a Life Drive, where they hope to raise $50,000 total to therefore get the funds to save half of those extra 1,000.

I am writing to you to ask that you please donate to my Save a Life Drive page.  Every amount counts, so even if you can only give $10 it goes a LONG way at Austin Pets Alive (trust me!!).  Please give what you can – maybe skip going out to dinner one night next week and donate what you saved so that you can help save a life.  You can donate here:  And you can learn more about APA here:  If you know of anyone that may be interested in learning about Austin Pets Alive and possibly supporting them, please forward this message to them!  Thank you for reading this, learning more about the amazing organization I work for, and (hopefully) considering to support such a worthy mission!

Thank you!

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