Bosco, my current foster

Meet Bosco, the current foster kitten in my life!  It literally warms my heart to know this little guy was going to be killed, but because of Austin Pets Alive and me (!!), I picked him up the day before his slated euthanasia.  He is alive and well and will now get to live out his days in a loving forever home.  The poor little guy had an upper respiratory infection (URI) that turned into pneumonia, but with some serious TLC he has made a full recovery and is now looking for his permanent home.

If Bosco could be described in one word, it would be “sweet”.  He is the sweetest little guy you will ever meet (and the softest)!  Quick to purr and soft to pet, Bosco loves any attention you give him.  While a little shy at first, he becomes very playful and affectionate once he knows the coast is clear!  He gets along great with his foster dog brother, Monty (who is very respectful of Bosco) and wants to be friends with his foster cat brother (but, as always, Loki is not a nice guy to little Bosco) as well.

And, yes, for those that noticed:  Monty did receive the infamous Texas dog “summer cut”.  A week ago after playing our daily game of fetch at dusk, Monty collapsed on the walk back to our apartment.  He suffered from heat stroke and it scared me sick how quickly he overheated.  So he has his new hairdo and we only play catch if it’s under 80 degrees at dusk.  Otherwise, it’s only walks for Monty until it cools down a little.  Monty and I were only outside for about 15 minutes and I only threw the ball 10 times for him.  Animals cannot sweat, so they overheat much faster than you would guess.  So, PLEASE, be mindful of the heat and of your pets!

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