Expect Your Beagle to Howl

On Friday I went to a “Yappy Hour” at a local wine shop where dog owners could come have a glass of wine on the patio with their dog (only water was served for the dogs).  It was my first time at the event and I quickly learned that it’s usually the same group every week (so I stood out) and most dogs attending were purebred (so Monty stood out).  Despite us being odd ducklings, it was a great time and I plan to attend as many Fridays as I can fit into my schedule.  I am also very proud of Monty for behaving himself so well and being an amazing ambassador for mutts!

The thing I noticed at this event was that the dogs were being their typical purebred selves and the owners were frustrated at them for it.  Case and point:  a woman with a purebred beagle was getting really mad that her beagle kept barking/howling whenever a new dog arrived.  Anyone who has ever lived with or worked with a beagle knows – it’s just what they do!  They are talkers and there is no use trying to stop them or getting mad about it, it’s in their DNA to howl.

So, PLEASE do the research and know what you are getting!  If you are looking into a purebred dog (and make sure to go through your local breed rescue!) read a couple of books on that breed.  They will tell you what to expect in terms of temperament, trainability, behavior traits, and typical health problems for the breed.  Even if you are looking at a mix, shelters usually know at least one breed that’s in the dog’s blood, so look into that breed to get an idea.

And a final note to throw everything out the window – never assume that a dog will be what his breed description says he’ll be.  I’ve seen quiet beagles, calm border collies, and labrador retrievers who refuse to retrieve.  My main point is to research the breed and be prepared for them to behave as their breed typically does.

Picked up my new litter of foster kittens today – this time they have their mom!  So it’s mama cat and her four kittens that are about 3 weeks old.  Because mama is involved, Monty will not be playing with the kittens this time.  Pictures will follow shortly.

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