Kitten Season

Cats mate around the same time every year. And therefore all give birth around the same time of the year as well. Well, that time of the year is now and shelters all over the country will soon be bombarded with litters of kittens, if they haven’t been hit already. If you have ever considered it, I strongly encourage you to contact your local shelter and offer yourself and your home for fostering. Kittens are rather fragile in terms of having an immune system, so literally ever hour spent in the shelter is a game of life and death for these little guys. Having them in your home, safe from upper respiratory infections, they will be able to build up their immune system, become better socialized, and be amazing candidates for adoption once they hit that 2 pound/8 week mark!

I currently have two 3 week old orphaned kittens and while they do take a little work, they are an absolute joy to have in my home. My dog, Monty, was terrified of them at first but now enjoys playing hide-and-seek with them (the kittens hide under the couch and will pop out to bat at his paws). My cat, Loki, is not allowed to meet them for a while since cats need time to get used to new animals in a house… plus Loki could be somehow carrying something that could be dangerous to these little ones. So here’s hoping in a few weeks he is friendly with them when they officially meet!

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