Why pinch and choke collars are a bad idea

The majority of people get a pinch or choke collar because their dog pulls too much or is extremely strong.  Unfortunately, pinch/choke collars usually do not stop a dog from pulling nor will it give the owner more control over the dog if he is really strong.  So essentially, your reason for getting the collar is not being helped with the collar.  Instead, you should look into a harness that attaches the leash to its front (the dog’s chest) this will both provide you with more control over your dog’s strength and will teach your dog to stop pulling.

The collars were not even originally meant for everyday use.  The choke collar was originally intended for training purposes (for use only during training) back when negative reinforcement and force were the staples of dog training.  Now that positive reinforcement training is becoming more popular (sorry, Caesar), the pinch collar should never be used.  If put on the wrong way, it can lock into a tight position permanently and choke your dog to death.  It also causes severe strain on the dog’s throat and can lead to serious esophagus problems.  There is no need or reason to own or use this collar.

Some dogs react when they see another dog when out on a leash.   When leashed, dogs understand that they are hindered and may not be able to fully defend themselves if the situation calls for it.  That is why many dogs show some aggression to other dogs when on walks, but are perfectly fine when off leash at dog parks.  Typically, the dog will bark at the others and may “lunge” to show they are tough so that the other dog won’t try anything.  (the vast majority of dogs who are acting tough are actually scared)  If the dog is wearing a pinch collar when they lunge they will feel a sensation similar to being bit on their neck.  So now your dog is going to associate seeing another dog with getting bit.  This will cause your dog to become even more aggressive when they see other dogs and can lead to some serious behavior issues.

Overall, I consider both these types of collars similar to that of medieval torture devices.  They serve no purpose other than to harm your companion and cause medical and behavioral problems.  Please look into getting a harness if you are worried about the strength of your dog.

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