In case of a disaster

In case of a flood, fire, earthquake, hazardous spill or other disaster, your animals will rely on you to help them escape to safety. Therefore the more prepared you are, the safer you and your pets will be.  The following are my recommendations of what to have prepared in your “disaster kit.”  I also have a shopping list below for you to consider.  I recommend keeping these items in the vehicle you would use to evacuate your home.

– Three-plus days supply food and food bowls, water and two weeks of your pet’s medications
Litter boxes with litter, if you have cats
– Extra
leashes and collars
– Copies of vaccination and medical records
– Photos and descriptions of each pet
Pet first aid kit and pet first aid book
Stickers you can write and attach to your pet’s tags the information of your intended destination and outside temporary contact information

Pet Emergency Kit Shopping List-Dog
First aid kit
– 5lb bag of your dog’s food
Two small bowls
Slip lead leash
– 2 liters of water
– Small blanket
– Plastic bags

Pet Emergency Kit Shopping List-Cat
First aid kit
– 4lb bag of your cat’s food
Two small bowls
Cardboard carrier
– 2 liters of water
– Small blanket
Disposable litter box with litter

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